As much as you use water every day in your home, do you ever wander how clean it really is? Do you notice differences between the water in your home and the water in other people’s homes? The truth is that water composition can vary greatly from one area to the next, so that there really isn’t a one-stop water filtration solution that would work best for all homes. Instead, you need to examine the particularities of the water running through your home to see exactly what you have to do to help improve its quality. Keep reading to find out how using water filter faucets and fleck water softeners could help you improve the quality of the water running through your home, and see why you should start using them as soon as possible.


When talking about water quality, there are two main factors which must be taken into consideration. First you need to think about water composition. Although a minimum quality of water is assured through the process it goes through in the water treatment plant, before making its way to your home, chemicals and contaminates are still present, and if you’re not careful or if you use unfiltered tap water often, you need to know that you might be opening yourself up to risks concerning water quality. Don’t go overboard and install a whole house water filter system right away, though. If you’re not ready to make such a significant financial investment, you can start out smaller by purchasing quality water filter faucets.


As opposed to reverse osmosis systems, where the water is filtered in a container, water filter faucets complete the filtration process as the water passes through them. Water filter faucets use the pressure inherent in the faucet to achieve a successful filtration, and they are reasonably priced, so you can buy one for every sink in your home without worrying about your budget. Water filter faucets are a great option, but you should know that they can’t last forever. They need to be replaced periodically, because otherwise the filters will become clogged and they won’t be able to do their job properly.


The other thing you have to consider when discussing water quality is the hardness of the water. Hard water can have a number of negative effects. It can make your washing machine and dish washer break down faster because it leaves behind deposits, so it’s best that you deal with the hardness of your water before it starts wreaking havoc with your appliances. Fleck water softeners have been used for more than twenty years, and they have become more or less the standard, because fleck is a very durable material. Fleck water softeners can also help remove any weird odor or taste your water might have, making your water taste better. Fleck water softeners usually come with a warranty from the producer, which can be valid for as long as 5 years, making sure you won’t have to stress about your water softener if you find it’s malfunctioning.




Find out how you can benefit from using water filter faucets and fleck water softeners to treat the water running through your home, and improve your water quality today.