Since opening its doors, the company has become a trusted partner among companies around Orlando who understand the advantage of putting their logos on high-quality, unique items including remote control drones, finely crafted teddy bears, down jackets, leather journals, travel mugs, and much more. This Orlando based Company is now a preferred choice among premium and well-recognized brands.

“Business owners and marketing teams still often overlook the significance and impact of offering customers or prospects well-made giveaways and branded items, and this is understandable if all they are ever exposed to are cheap throwaways that no one wants to hold onto,” 5 STAR PROMO owner Jay Basaria says. “That is where our company comes in. We take the whole idea of branded swag and rocket it into a whole new universe of quality, fun, and market value.”

From branded promotions, catalogs, trade show giveaways and promotional products in Orlando, FL , 5 STAR PROMO has become the de facto partner for any company that is serious about uplifting its public image and making a lasting impact on customer perception.

“Nothing gives us more satisfaction than watching a client’s face light up as they see their logo on something fun and completely unique for the very first time,” Basaria says. “From day one, that has been our mission, and we could not be more blessed to have such an amazing community of clients to work with in this area.”

Those interested in learning more about 5 STAR PROMO or to enquire about a future project, should visit the official company website at

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Jay Basaria
Address: 8865 Commodity Circle #13, Orlando, FL 32819
Phone: 407-558-8328
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