Your Inada therapeutic massage chair options
Shiatsu massage professionals and Inada's engineers have worked collectively to create several seat designs. Once of the most popular designs is the SOGNO Dreamwave HCP-10001A. This mannequin contains Inada's proprietary infra-red back scanning technology. The scan compares your body to 106 stored profiles which are then used to target your private shiatsu massage points and to create a personalized experience. Covering more than 1200 square inches, Inada's Dreamwave is highlighted by its ability to mimic the figure-eight motion of a therapeutic massage therapists. The Dreamwave lightly rotates and stretches the mid-back, shoulders and hips. This product gently extends and flexes muscles while providing a complete and well balanced therapeutic massage therapy experience. The Dreamwave has eight pre-programmed therapeutic massage sequences which will add selection to your therapeutic programs.

Another popular choice is the Inada i.2A therapeutic massage couch. The i.2A also involves Inada's proprietary back scanning technologies along with a smart remote and a dual LCD exhibit. This design features a dual engine massage mechanism, armrest vibration, and backrest vibration features. You can manually select your therapeutic massage settings or choose from eight pre-programmed massage sequences. You'll also want to take advantage of the calf therapeutic massage feature which will improve your blood circulation while relaxing stiff muscles. Inada's i2A couch also mimics human kneading and tapping techniques to give you a practical therapeutic massage experience.

If you would like to take advantage of Inada's massage therapy technologies at a lower price, consider Inada's Cube product FML-3000A. This design is a therapeutic massage chair, ottoman and stool all in one. The Cube offers a lower back massage together with a full foot and calf therapeutic massage working with shiatsu point therapy. The Cube features 4 pre-programmed therapeutic massage sequences. You can also choose from high and low depth settings to create a level of comfort which is right for you.

Other massage couch possibilities
There are many other therapeutic massage chair choices available in the marketplace today. Most therapeutic massage chairs are lower-end types that supply a limited massage experience to your neck and back. These designs do not involve Inada's proprietary body scans and cannot target your specific therapeutic massage points. comparable executive versions of therapeutic massage couchs also exist like the Osaki-OS 4000. This design is developed similarly to the Inada Dreamwave. Osaki's design lacks Inada's proprietary body scan feature and uses mainly airbags to focus on the use of body pressure to relax and therapeutic massage muscles. These design features make Osaki an inferior choice for executive massage chairs.

What Inada massage chair homeowners Think
Many homeowners of Inada couchs are part of a group that have tried or owned other therapeutic massage chairs in the past. Inada therapeutic massage couch entrepreneurs report having wonderful relaxation experiences. As seen in user ratings, Inada homeowners are greatly impressed by the performance of Inada therapeutic massage couchs. Many users use them routinely to help them relax and fall asleep. They are also amazed by the supplyy and service provided by Inada distributors, especially when compared to other dealer experiences.

When you decide to buy an Inada therapeutic massage chair, you will have the comfort of knowing that your purchase is a quality product backed by decades of design and research. Inada chairs fit both form and function, providing massage therapy in the convenience of your home or office. Inada seats have always combined the art of massage with the latest robotic technologies and research to produce what are truly considered to be the best therapeutic massage couchs in the world.

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