Inbox Blueprint just launched on January 13th, 2014 and people want to know what the training has to offer and if the system will help teach the foundation of email marketing in a ‘whole new light’. The product has caused so much stir in the marketplace that has take the time to create an Inbox Blueprint review and bonus page specifically for the release of this new marketing product. 

The product creator and “guru” marketer Anik Singal claims that he created the Inbox Blueprint because “There has been 1 factor which has been a Constant moneymaker. No matter how negative business was…no matter how bad the economy was – we’ve often had a pillar to stand on and produce an enormous income for our company…What is it? It’s Email marketing.” 

Email marketing is creating a list of people who have opted into your database that you can email when you want to send helpful tips and tricks, or promotions to earn online income. Anik Singal has built a multi-million dollar online empire with his list and it is what lead to his massive level of success today. Building an email list is often thought of as a long and treacherous process but based on Anik Singal’s success it can obviously be a reliable form of marketing. 

Inbox Blueprint comes with a software which allows the user to create effective ‘squeeze pages’ quickly, which is basically a simple one page website with the ability to grab visitors emails. The software is designed to be “point and click simple” according to Lauren from the, and “this makes it easy to get any level marketer up and running in no time”. (Anyone interested in Inbox Blueprint can click here for more information) 

“This training is a bit different than any I have ever seen before, and for a number of reasons” says site owner Laruen Carter from the She continues by saying “there is a ton of live video trainings that were created by Anik Singal himself, and he takes 5 students ‘by the hand’ and teaches them the Inbox Blueprint system. It is a long, hard journey that all 5 students face, but I can tell you that all the students go on to succeed and make money within 24 hours of learning to use the techniques taught in the Inbox Blueprint formula.” 

“It is my honest opinion that the Inbox Blueprint is one of the internet marketing courses that will help anyone getting started with their online business, or even those marketers that have experience online. The reason it works is simple, and that is because email communication is one of the most powerful forms of marketing power an individual can use to earn a full time income online, and Anik Singal teaches his million dollar methods for making an honest income. On top of that, the journey of following the 5 students is priceless!” 

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