20, July 2015: Ras Au-t Amam MFA Indegenius, the reggae rapper from Washington DC, has trampled a new path in this time which is being talked about as one of the worst times in music industry history. In a counter to what he considered an unitelligent move by Taylor Swift in blocking Apple Music, Indegenius has created a bundle of all his music to date available to new subscribers of his website. This bundle is not just unique in the amount of music recorded and released in such a short amount of time, but also unique in that it will be the opposite of the industry norm and be priced at the normal cost of one CD.

I think it's ridiculous that artists should gouge for income," said Indegenius. "I make music, and if I'm blessed I'll make more. So let Apple make listeners happy while I make them happy with a ultra low one time fee. If they're truly satisfied they'll buy more music or one of my other products."

Ras Au-t Amam MFA Indegenius' indigenous Rasta message of entrepreneurial activism is bundled as 6 albums and an additional twenty-seven (27) single mp3's. The music industry may be changing faster than anyone anticipated but Indegenius' bundle available at http://howtobeafamousrapper.com/giveaway is a step by artists for fans. "I'll just make more music. No problem," Indegenius said.