Gvanta Baier is a fashion blogger who sees fashion as a means to showcase one’s beauty, style and the sophistication. This is the reason why through her fashion blog Germany , she promotes fashion trends that can not only enhance the outside beauty of a woman, but can also reveal her inner key attribute that enhances her personality.

Gvanta has always been identified in the fashion circuits as a fashion blogger Germany who puts emphasis on the practical aspect of the fashion that gives an improved confidence to a woman to present her unique style before the world. Here are some of the basic tips by Gvanta for all women who want to adopt a practical fashion sense to look more stylish, trendy and a complete woman with an improved fashion quotient.

- Learn the basics of a style makeover: We always want to look more stylish and thus strive for a style makeover that can enhance our fashion quotient. But Gvanta focuses on learning the basic pointers of a style makeover, before trying something new. “There is something unique about you, and you need to identify it before you opt for a style makeover,” she maintains.

- Identify your best color: “Which is the best color for you? You need to know the answer before you start shopping for the outfits. There are women who look beautiful in black and others can find bright colors to be more perfect for them. So, one should identify the most preferable color or a set of colors to adopt a practical fashion sense”, the owner of the mode blog Deutschland reveals.

- Are you familiar with your shape and size? — Don’t try to buy a sexy and fitting dress and then struggle to fit into it. Instead, buy a dress that can easily fit into your body. “A good dress is not only stylish, but also is comfortable to wear,” says Gvanta.

- Go for best haircuts according to your face shape: Haircuts play an important role to enhance the beauty and the overall personality of a woman. Again, don’t go for the most stylish hairstyle trends of 2014, but choose one that would be perfect for your face shape. You may have a round face, oval face, long face or whatever, be choosier to opt for the most suitable hairstyle.

- Accessories for support: Never ignore accessories that can perfectly complement your dressing. Often an accessory serves the purpose of an icing on the top of a cake, and it will make you more stylish and presentable. So, include accessories in your wardrobe and which can enhance your sense of fashion beauty .

According to Gvanta Baier, these simple tips can greatly enhance the fashion outlook of a woman of the modern era. Her blog Hannoverfashion brings the key fashion insights for the fashion lovers. Not only the dress and outfits, but she focuses on choosing the accessories and cosmetics that are always the important components of enhancing the fashion quotient of a woman. By revealing key points of kosmetik hannover , she inspires women to adopt a sensible fashion perpective that is more important for an improved beauty and personality.

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