The website has recently revealed its own edition of the top credit repair companies in the US. According to the website’s owners, they have been offering reviews of credit repair companies in order to help consumers make the right choice. This kind of service, they hope will offer great assistance to citizens, especially to those who are ignorant and confused when it comes to choosing the appropriate credit repair company.

According to the website, choosing the top credit companies was done basing on several fundamental aspects. In the first place, they opted for the Lexington Law who has varied experience in helping people out of bad credit problems. The firm was set up on the year 1991 and has a very high rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The website awarded the second place to Sky Blue Credit. The firm has been in the credit repair business for over 22 years and even has an A+ rating with BBB. Some of their distinct characteristics are their professionalism and experienced staffs.

Credit Repair is placed in the top three of the best credit companies by because of their excellent services in fixing, maintaining and building credit. The Credit People is placed in the fourth spot while the Credit Assistance Network rounds off the top five.   

The website further reveals that they are dedicated to always bring the best available information to the people to help fix their credits and keep the score moving. A representative of the site states that, “We understand the importance of having a good credit score and that is why we have our experts review all the credit repair sites and let us know which ones work the best for you. We also value our customer reviews, they help give us an idea of how the customer is really being treated through the entire process”. For more details go to

About is a company review website where the best credit repair reviews are provided. Here, consumers can find and compare between what the website thinks as the best credit repair companies.  


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