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Are you looking to outsource FEA Analysis, Finite Element Modeling and CFD FEA Engineering services in India at economical rates?

FEA Outsourcing is India-based premier Finite Element Analysis services company helping you test various concepts, reduce design life-cycle time, increase product reliability and performance. Learn more at http://www.feaoutsourcing.com/services.php

Services at a Glance:
• FEA Analysis
• FEA Modeling
• Finite Element Engineering
• Solidworks FEA Simulations
• Material Modeling (Creep, Deflection, Plasticity)
• CFD Analysis
• Liquid & Gas Flow Modelling
• Linear/Non-Linear analysis
• Static/Dynamic analysis
• Modal analysis
• FEA Stress analysis
• Structural analysis
• FEA Thermal Analysis (Transient, Steady-state)
• Mould Flow Analysis
• Buckling Analysis
• Mechanical Product Optimization
• Design Validation
• FEA Reliability Testing
• Miscellaneous FEA Analysis services

Advantages with us:
• Reduction in physical tests
• Reduction in product recalls/field failures
• Increase in product/part performance
• Less number of prototypes required
• Saving in cost and time-to-market

FEA Software expertise:
• Solidworks
• LS Dyna
• CosmosWorks
• Hypermesh
• Unigraphics
• Fluent
• Blade, etc

Our experienced FEA engineers and consultants help you resolve complex product design challenges using their in-depth domain knowledge and Real world experimental testing skills. We have expertise across applications like Aviation, Aerospace, Defense, Military, Marine, Product Design, Mold Manufacturing, Tool Making, Medical Equipments and others.

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