Beginning October 2013, IndiCure brings full body contouring package - Perfect Body Specials, a set of carefully chosen plastic surgery procedures for women at an incredibly low cost in India. The package procedures comprise tummy tuck, liposuction and breast surgeries that together give youthful body silhouette.

Candidates for Perfect Body Specials

The candidates for Perfect Body Specials or Total body contouring procedures are those women who need both an upper and lower body lift. Women who have excessive fat deposits on tummy, thighs, buttocks, abdomen and flanks and also need a breast procedure either to reduce or augment breast tissue are candidates for Perfect Body Specials.

Ideally, women who are above 18, are physically and mentally stable and have realistic expectations from surgery are candidates for full body contouring procedures.

How does Perfect Body Specials address unique needs of women?

IndiCure has carefully chosen procedures that very well address the unique needs of women. There are two sets of packages — one, the procedures are for women who need to augment their breasts along with a lift and lower body lift procedures. The other set of procedures are for women who need to reduce skin and fat from their breasts along with a lower body lift. Thus the two sets of procedures have been tailor made for women depending upon their pattern of full body contouring.

Why should I consider undergoing full body contouring in India?

Undergoing plastic surgery altogether in a new country may not be a fascinating idea but when it comes to shelling out thousands of dollars on cosmetic procedures, people prefer to undergo surgery at a low cost destination outside their home country. India is one such place where thousands of medical tourists every year come for medical and cosmetic surgery procedures.

What makes India a hot favorite destination for cosmetic procedures among westerners are a number of factors such as — low cost of cosmetic surgeries, state-of-the art hospital facilities, spotless clean hospitals, English speaking staff, exotic spas and picturesque locations in India. All these factors together make India one of the most sought after destinations among medical tourists seeking affordable plastic surgery.

Full body contouring in India with IndiCure

Now if one has decided to undergo full body contouring in India, the next question that arises for medical tourists is to make arrangements while their journey and stay in India. One of the most convenient ways is to get the surgery planned by a medical travel partner who could help make your whole journey hassle free.

IndiCure is the most trusted medical tourism company that has been assisting medical tourists to get quality cosmetic surgery done at affordable cost in India. Perfect body Specials in India is among the most carefully chosen plastic surgery packages for women who are looking for affordable full body contouring surgery. To know more about Perfect Body Specials,

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