Orlando, FL — August 26, 2015 — The liver is one of the most functional organs inside the body, and it plays a major role in the maintenance of human health. Unfortunately, when the health of the liver deteriorates, it leads to the development of diseases that can place one in a life-threatening health situation.

Individuals with liver cirrhosis may benefit from the use of curcumin supplements. Cirrhosis is considered a slowly progressing disease that takes place when the liver tissue becomes scar tissue. This prevents the liver from functioning properly.

The scar tissue inhibits proper blood flow through the liver and slows down the processing of hormones, drugs, nutrients, and naturally produced toxins. The condition also delays the production of proteins and other essential substances in the liver.

“Curcumin is a phytochemical found in turmeric, and its use is associated with a range of health benefits,” said Divine Bounty spokesperson, Melissa Scott.

The liver has many functions, and one is to manufacture blood proteins that are essential for immune system function. The liver also works by storing excess nutrients and returning some of them to the bloodstream. It manufactures bile, which is essential for food digestion. The liver also gets rid of harmful substances such as alcohol and drugs in the blood stream.

The National Institutes of Health reveals that liver cirrhosis is placed 12th in the list of the leading causes of death by disease. Experts believe that individuals who are already diagnosed with the disease can protect their liver from additional damage by using curcumin supplements, which have powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

In a Mexican study involving rats, it was found that the animal-subjects treated with curcumin achieved increased liver protection against the damage induced by carbon tetachloride. According to the researchers, curcumin has been able to inhibit the activation of NF-kappaB, which results in the protection of the liver from acute damage. The process is also believed to inhibit the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines. In another animal-based study, it was found that curcumin helped slow down the onset or progression of liver cirrhosis.

Today, the use of curcumin supplements is considered by many as their ultimate solution in addressing a range of medical problems. This natural alternative is very popular among individuals who want to achieve improved mobility and relief from arthritis pain.

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