Bandung in Indonesia has proven to be one of the world’s most coveted places. Over the past years, it has proven to be in investment hot spot for real estate investors. The main attraction of the place lies in the natural beauty.

Bandung is one of the few developed places in the world where its natural beauty has remained untouched in spite of the large-scale development. The real cash flow of the place lies in the sale of houses and properties. The place has recently announced a discount in its sale of houses. Several real estate agents have arrived upon this consensus. The heavy discount sale was originally planned to last for the whole summer of session 2014. However, it has been recently announced that the sale has been cut short. The reason behind this lies in the fact that expected turn up of customers was double than expected. This means that the houses kept aside for discount sale was already sold out before the expected time.

There is more than one variety of houses for sale in Bandung. However, estimates show that the highest sale for the year 2014 has been the houses with a sqm of 300 to 1010. The building usually measures 150 to 200 with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. There is also an additional service area included. There are several web sites that try to make things easier for customers looking to buy houses in Bandung.

Recently, the web site urbanindo has announced one of the largest mega sales that any web site can ever offer. With a large network with some of the largest and most active real estate firms, the web site has gathered information of some of the highest discount offers. Customers do not need to register to avail to the web site’s service. For more information please go to,%20Jawa%20Barat


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Urbanindo is a web site that sells houses and properties. It has a large network with some of the largest real estate firms and offers heavy discounts.

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