San Antonio, Texas — Communication solutions involve more than just providing a transmitter and a receiver, and Industrial Communications, a leading vendor of two-way radio in Texas, has innovative communications solutions for almost every need.

Industrial Communications, located on the web that , has been one of the most prominent dealers for Motorola two-way radio in Texas for many years, and also provides a variety of repair services for various devices. Industrial Communications can provide many innovative communications solutions, including:

- GPS tracking. For mobile tracking of drivers and others, Industrial Communications provides the perfect GPS solutions.

- Emergency equipment. Sirens, bars, wig wags and other emergency items are all available through Industrial Communications.

- Dispatch consoles. A team is only as good as its central dispatch, and Industrial Communications provides the perfect dispatch system solutions.

- Satellite solutions. For areas without cellular coverage, satellite systems allow those who must work in remote areas to stay in touch.

- MDT’s. Mobile data terminals are a great way for those in the field to report quickly to a central dispatch location.

- VOIP/Mobile Data. Mobile data and wireless solutions help safety and other personnel keep information flowing.

- Paging systems. Wireless messaging systems keep everyone informed with up-to-the-moment information.

- SCADA/Data. Supervisory control and data acquisition, or SCADA, applications help organizations take control of the dissemination of sensitive or important information.

- Emergency warning. In order to provide the public with the best possible warnings, an emergency warning system should be in place. Industrial Communications can provide the very best in emergency warning systems for organizations of any size.

- Mobile video recorders. For the latest in safety, Industrial Communications provides mobile video recording solutions.

- Interoperability. Industrial Communications provides solutions that meet the standards set by the national, state, metropolitan and local governments through interoperable telecommunication.

- Voice recorders. Voice recorders are often an important component in dispatch and communication systems and Industrial Communications offers the best in VR technology.

- RFID. The latest in tracking is available with radio frequency identification tags for people and objects.

- Wireless broadband. Point-to-point broadband solutions are available from Industrial Communications.

No matter what type of communication solutions customers need, Industrial Communications has the answers.

About Industrial Communications:

Since 1952, Industrial Communications has been the dependable choice for two-way radio repair in Texas as well as a leading Motorola dealer. Industrial Communication offers not only a wide range of Motorola radio products for Texas communication needs but also a full line of other products.

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