21, July 2015: The company behind the formulation and production of Infinite Allure skin care formula cites Argireline, being one of the major ingredients contained in such solution. “This component has the ability to remedy the manifested wrinkles and fine lines in the users’ facial skin,” says Johanna Johnston, company spokesperson.

Argireline, based on scientific studies, has multiple purposes for the human skin. It serves as the main agent of firmness, suppleness, moisture and hydration.

“It is in this scientific underpinning that we can say our product is one of the best in the market. Infinite Allure can compete even with the performance of Botox,” explains further Ms. Johnston.

Is Argireline safe? According to clinical studies and tests, this main component of Infinite Allure is safe and natural. “There are tons of products in the market that use this ingredient. Why? The answer is simple —they have used it because it is natural and harmless; yet effective,” adds the spokesperson.

Meanwhile, one user who posted her Infinite Allure Review in the Internet is named Ashley W., 42 from New York, NY. According to her, “I'm over 40, but look like I'm 28 again! Since using Infinite Allure my friends and family keep commenting on how great I look. My sister-in-law even asked me if I had cosmetic surgery! Thank you for being my little secret!”

Infinite Allure Skincare is available online via an official website and is priced affordably. Besides Argireline, it also has Aloe, Sweet Carrot Extract, Cucumber, Trylagen, and Sweet Almond Oil.

“With the formulated ingredients, we could definitely say that our product is packed with the needed nutrients, vitamins and minerals for the users to enjoy optimal skin healthiness,” concludes Johanna Johnston.

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