The oral B 5000 is presently the most innovative toothbrush from the Oral B line. This toothbrush is amongst the many Oral B electric toothbrush products that are at present available on the market today. This toothbrush is Oral B's most sophisticated toothbrush, giving superior cleaning for your teeth. It has a wireless companion device called Smart Guide which gives visual feedback on your brushing by showing the time you have used on brushing an area in your mouth and giving you tips on the correct pressure to apply on your teeth. All this is shown on an LCD display called a Smart Display. This toothbrush gives the most advanced cleaning technology, enabling the user to accomplish comprehensive plaque removal without irritating the gums. It also allows the user to polish the teeth and leave them glowing, a brightness that comes only with superior cleanliness. Presently, it is the number one toothbrush recommended by dentists.

Oral B 5000 Features

The 5000 features five cleaning modes: The Daily Clean is the normal 2-minute brushing mode for every day use. The Sensitive cleaning mode is a gentle setting for individuals with sensitive gums. The Whitening mode is for whitening and polishing your teeth daily, as required. As the name signifies, the Massage mode is for serves to massage your gums. And lastly, there is a Deep Clean mode which is an extended 3-minute brushing session for more comprehensive cleaning.

The features on this powerful toothbrush enables this model to stand a cut above its contenders. It permits the users to eliminate teeth stains and hardened, built up plaque on the teeth compared to other brushes. It also works very well with cleaning different hard to reach places in the mouth.

A lot of people who have used the 5000 toothbrush at least several times say that the effects of using the brush are obvious, even after just a short amount of time. They say that their teeth had grown quite a few shades whiter, that their gums felt great, and that people that surround them are noticed great changes as well.

The Oral B 5000 enables you to have cleaner and healthier teeth in only about 3 weeks.

Oral B 5000 Rebate

The toothbrush weighs in at approximately $100. Even so, you could take a few dollars off if you are lucky enough to find the right place. I have a friend that bought a 5000 from his dentist, and was given a 50% rebate. Nonetheless, ask your dentist if this may be the case for you, because it may be up to your dentist himself/herself.

Oral B 5000 Costco

Costco is yet another place recognized to have rebates for Oral B products. You can get a rebate up to 50% on the available toothbrush. Pay a visit to their site now to browse the merchandise that you might be interested.

In this link you could download an Oral B 5000 coupon and save $10 in buying the toothbrushes. Also check out the coupon page of the site for more Oral B coupons.

Oral B 4000 vs 5000

Oral B 4000 is among the two Oral B rechargeable models available in their line. It is relatively the same as the 5000, but doesn't feature the Smart Display.

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