A socially responsible and environmentally friendly company, Socialbox.biz, has a cost-effective new solution for London businesses that need extra storage space but can’t find it at a reasonable price.

With the price of office space in London increasing month after month, Socialbox.biz is ready to help businesses with excess items — like furniture, old printers, bulky marketing materials and stacks of paperwork — by putting them into storage in their low-cost warehouse space near London.

Socialbox.biz can even help companies recycle old and unneeded items rather than leaving them in storage.

“By using our low-cost storage facility near London, we help businesses in central London save on office space and allow them to take advantage of other cost-saving opportunities like buying furniture in bulk, while providing space to store items the company doesn't need right this second,” said Socialbox.biz spokesperson Simon Paul

The company, headed by a team of dedicated social entrepreneurs, pledging to invest majority of its profits into initiatives such as helpingdisadvantaged young people and refugee immigrants to the UK to gain work,and putting computers into homeless shelters and day centers for the elderly.

“We’re proud to offer businesses a storage solution they can feel good about, and not just because our prices are so low,” said the Spokesperson. For more information, please contact:

Peter Paduh or Simon Paul
SocialBox.biz Trading Enterprises
Harben House, Finchley Road, London, NW3 6LH, UK
0843 289 5722
[email protected]