New Jersey USA, Saturday 5th October, 2013— A New Jersey based gift company has announced the launch of a new and exciting product range for 2013, following on in the footsteps of the 2012 success of their flagship ‘snomee’ snow-globe gift card holders .

The ‘Snomee’ snow-globe gift card holders have become increasingly popular since hitting the market as an innovative and unique way of sending gift cards to loved ones. The snow-globe card holders are designed to turn the simple act of giving gift cards into a memorable and touching experience.

The ‘Snomee’ products initially appear to be an attractive and novel snow globe, however on closer inspection new owners will discover a secret compartment which is perfect for slipping in your favorite gift card. Senders can also add their own touching message to the compartment for that extra special touch.

‘Snomee’ designers have specifically created a comprehensive range of brand new snow-globe designs to suit every possible gifting occasion, including birthdays and Christmas along with a range of other special occasions. Currently, the brand new range of ‘Snomee’ products are available exclusively via the official website, the facebook page and

With the holiday season fast approaching, ‘Snomee’ have seen an increasing number of orders placed for the Christmas season. As a result, the company is recommending that customers wishing to place orders, should do so in advance to guarantee Christmas delivery.

For further information or to view the brand new 2013 range of ‘Snomee‘ snow-globe gift card holders, customers can visit the official website at

About Snomee:

Snomee is the answer to this eternal gift-giving conundrum.

It offers a great new way to present gift cards and simultaneously deliver a keepsake that contains your own personalized message. It’s a constant reminder of the occasion that loved ones will be able to keep forever.

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