13, July 2015: Insolence beer is brewed with non-typical IPA malts and hard to obtain hops which have exceptional flavors. It’s darker amber instead of the usual pale golden color, medium body and a big hops presence including citrus and tropical fruit flavors and aromas.

Insolence Double IPA Beer Bent Kettle Brewing

According to Bent Kettle owner / brewmeister Mark Cook, this new IPA beer has been a crowd pleaser since he first introduced it in April, 2015. Not only because of the higher than usual alcohol content (7.4%), but because of its unique, rich flavor.

Insolence is catching on with locals. Many bars, restaurants and other alcohol retailers are carrying the new brew. Distributorship is rising as more places are selling Insolence by poplar demand of IPA beer lovers who frequent their establishments.

For example, Insolence Double IPA beer is now on tap at Keystone Grill in Cambridge, Wisconsin. Insolence has been flowing steady at Paddy Coughlins in Fort Atkinson. Look for it to be on tap real soon at your favorite watering hole. Be sure to ask them to carry it! More info on Bent Kettle Insolence IPA beer here: http://bentkettle.com/beers/insolence-year-round-beer

Quick Facts about Insolence IPA Beer:
First Brewed: April 17, 2015
Available: Year round
Malt Style: Vienna Malt, Dark Crystal and Munich
Yeast: Vermont Ale Strain
Color: Dark Amber
IBU: 83
ABV: 7.4%

About Kent Kettle Brewing Founders:

Mark Cook and Jim Jorgenson began to look more closely at the name "Bent Kettle". Kettle is fairly obvious: it's a brewing vessel used to create beer. Bent takes on multiple meanings: dents for one, focus and determination for another, and not straight or true to form.

Bent more accurately describes the craft beer recipes Mark creates: non-conformist, irreverent, experimental and artesian: using non-traditional ingredients in traditional beers, so "Bent Kettle" was born.

"The ultimate vision is to be able to share our beers with the world and enjoy creating great craft beer, amazing memories and connecting with other craft beer fans along the way," says Mark Cook, founder of Bent Kettle Brewing.

Taking the time tested traditions and having the inner grit to 'go against the grain' and blend new flavors, tastes, and using non traditional beer ingredients is why Bent Kettle Brewing is quickly becoming a household name for 'Getting Bent' with craft beer.

For more information contact Bent Kettle Brewing owner Mark Cook at (920) 390-9038 or visit http://bentkettle.com