Great news for all the people who like getting pampered in spa centers. Inspire Med Spa announces that they will now be offering spa memberships in their Fort Lee location. Soon, it will be easier to enjoy the fantastic treatments that one of the most appreciated spa centers in Jersey offers to its customers.

July 20, 2015 — With this new membership program, we shouldn’t find any more excuses when it comes to treating ourselves better. Let’s make a promise to be more attentive to our persons, with the help of the Inspire Med Spa's Wellness Membership program. Massage and facials should be a must in your Wellness Plan.

The therapeutic benefits of massage do more than just relaxing the mind and body. If you had the impression that people go there just to unwind, then you are wrong. Your body enjoys a bigger set of benefits after a massage. They provide specific physiological and psychological benefits, even more so with frequent, preventative therapy. Microcirculation is enhanced, skin is cleansed and renewed, muscle fibers are toned and unwind, and some massages even help you get rid of fat deposits and cellulite, together with other complementary methods.

Facials( offer an excellent way to take care of your skin and handle specific skin conditions on a regular basis. Each of us has either oily skin, dry skin, acne, sensitive skin, mature skin and so on. There are facial treatments for every type of the skin, helping to soothe the skin, making it more radiant and healthy.

Membership in the Wellness Program can be enjoyed for only $79 a month. So it isn’t a fortune to have all the benefits of massage therapy and youthful facials on a regular basis. It is much more convenient than you thought, and you do deserve these treatments since you work daily and need the best care to look in your top shape.

Benefits of the Inspire Med Spa membership include:
- Unused massages and facials rollover;
- Additional massages and facials at very low membership rate;
- Above industry professional staff that will permanently take care of you.

Also, the Massage Wellness Membership also includes 10% off for your family members or friends in the first month, who choose to join and get a new membership.

About Inspire Med Spa, Fort Lee NJ:
It is located in the heart of Fort Lee, New Jersey. Guests experience a 5th Avenue hair care and spa services, in less than one mile from New York City. Our Medical Spa is perfect for busy locals, and as well for the fast-paced New Yorkers! Led by Gisele Castelluber, a licensed medical doctor in the state of New Jersey, certified in anti-aging, with practice in medicine for more than twenty years.

There is no reason to postpone. Professional spa treatments are here for you at the best prices, due to the membership program offered by Inspire Med Spa. The urban lifestyle is challenging anyhow, so we need to do something and keep ourselves well cared. Information can be found at:

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