Hollywood, CA: Will Moffett is an up and coming musician and activist whose next album will debut on iTunes. He and his band, Will’s BikeZ, are working on the final touches for the album. Ironically, his album title is “Ignored” by Will Moffett, which is exactly the opposite of what this activist artist hoping to accomplish with his music. Moffett plans to send 100 percent of the proceeds of his song to Unicef in the name of actor Emma Watson. 

Will Moffett

“My two songs are going to be being Ignored and At with Myself,” said Moffett. Each song has significant meaning to him. “The first song is about unnecessary animal slaughter, and the second song is about a virus,” said Moffett. Moffett is a believer in the mission of the World Wild Life, and he hopes to bring public awareness with the first song. The second song is also for charity with a twist towards the famous Harry Potter celebrity. 

“I make it no big secret to being a huge Emma Watson fan. My goal is to have her work with me to attract lots of charitable donations, and hopefully go out on a date,” said Moffett with a large grin. 

So far, he has two songs to share early from the album. His plans are to release them on 4/15/14, which happens to be the same day as Emma Watson’s birthday. Each of the songs was recorded at Alley Cat Recording in Warrenville, Ill., just outside of Chicago. 

Will Moffett has used social media to get the word out about his activism and adoration of Emma Watson. His efforts to share his message have been well received and the musician has no shortage of fans. Moffett’s video tribute to Watson “Baby” has attracted over 150,000 views on YouTube and his Twitter site is vibrant with over 40,000 followers. 

Several examples of Moffett and his band can be found at the links below. Those who are interested in the two new songs will have to check iTunes on the 15th. Until then, Moffett is working on a plan to get to know Emma Watson more personally. “I am really excited about the future,” said Moffett. 

About Will Moffett: 

Will Moffett is an accomplished musician and animal activist who considers himself one of actress Emma Watson’s biggest fans. Moffet is also active in helping raise money for Unicef and other charities. Moffet was born in Chicago, Ill. 

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