16, December 2014: Top insurance experts are once again reiterating to travellers the importance of total disclosure and understanding exactly what their insurance policy covers. In particular, expectant mothers thinking about going on holiday should work very closely with their family travel insurance provider, especially when they are vacationing on the final trimester.

In Canada, the Toronto Star has reported on the case of a couple from Humboldt, Saskatchewan, who were vacationing in a resort in Maui. Two days into their stay, the pregnant woman’s amniotic sack ruptured. She then had to be airlifted to Oahu for six weeks to recover. Her baby was born nine months early and had to spend nine months in a neonatal intensive care unit. The total bill amounted to $1 million or approximately £640,000, with the bulk of the expenses coming from the care of the child.

Family Travel Insurance Provider Blames Pre-Existing Condition

The couple’s insurance provider refused to pay the hefty bill – citing that the woman suffered a bladder infection that led to bleeding. She had, however, obtained clearance from her doctor to travel abroad. The couple went to the press, but the provider was unwilling to reverse their decision and instead directed the family to have its decision reviewed by an independent ombudsman.

Another Family Travel Insurance Provider Pays Up

Another woman prematurely gave birth while she and her husband were on holiday in America. Their insurance provider had initially refused to pay the £270,000 bill by citing that the child was not named on their policy. The underwriters, however, had a change of heart and ultimately agreed to foot the bill.


The first company had decided to pin the blame squarely on the woman’s bladder infection – citing that this pre-existing condition had voided her contract. The underwriters for for the second couple, however, found that their initial reason for denying coverage because the unborn child was not named on the policy would not hold up in a court of law.

Lessons Learned

The Association of British Insurers recommends travellers review the scope of the policies they are reviewing — especially when it comes to clauses covering medical costs. It is also vitally important that travellers be aware and take note of all their previous medical conditions. Insurance providers can and often do use these pre-existing conditions to void the contract when in the event of an unexpected accidents, especially when it comes to complications connected with childbirth.

It is also highly recommended that expectant mothers avail of the services of family travel insurance providers that have clear and concise policies when it comes to pregnant mothers. The couple from Saskatchewan’s policy had no clauses on premature birth, which gave them significantly more leeway in finding a technicality to avoid having to pay out.

Representatives from top online insurance providers InsureMore stress that consumers should always read the fine print and be aware of any exclusions from a policy.

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