Insuremore, one of the UK’s leading travel insurance companies, has issued an easy-to-understand checklist for those who are contemplating travel abroad. The checklist is actually a few solid reminders about what to watch out for when preparing to embark on what may seem like an ‘ordinary’ journey, but is actually one that is not without its attendant risks.

For instance, it is important to declare any pre-existing medical condition. It is common for travellers, especially those who are doing so for the first time, to gloss over their health condition in the hopes of keeping the premium low. This, however, can be detrimental in the event of a claim and an insurer may reject a claim once the truth about the medical condition surfaces.

Moreover, Insuremore urges travellers to read the fine print of their insurance contract and not be swayed by the easy smiles of the insurance agent. For example, be very clear about anything that the policy does not cover. If there are exclusions, the traveller must find out what the inclusions are in order to determine if the insurance package actually serves its purpose. Also, the insurance package should be chosen according to the activities that the traveller intends to participate in abroad. If one is travelling to enjoy a vacation in the French Alps, for example, then activities such as skiing should be included. There are online insurers, such as Insuremore, that offer special extra features that are carefully tailored to suit those who are engaging in active sports.

An award-winning insurance company that specialises in a variety of travel insurance packages, Insuremore is among the few insurance companies that offer inexpensive protection for travellers without compromising on quality and features. It has won a number of important awards, such as the British Travel Award in 2006 in the category of ‘Best Innovation for Online Claims’, as well as Travolution’s ‘Best Travel Insurance Website’ award in 2008.

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Insuremore offers inexpensive but value-laden travel insurance packages. The company won Travolution’s “Best Travel Insurance Website” award in 2008. For further information about Insuremore and its travel insurance products, visit the website at .

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