As a major travel insurance provider in the UK, Insuremore has witnessed quite a number of potential personal disasters that have been averted by a tight insurance policy. This is most true with independent travellers who opt to make their own flight and accommodation arrangements down to the last meticulously chosen detail. For such a traveller, Insuremore urges the utmost vigilance in choosing the kind of travel insurance package that can fully serve their needs.

One important thing for independent travellers to consider is making sure their insurance has airline failure cover. While insurance is often included in many travel package holidays, independent travellers do not have the same benefits and so have to go the extra mile to ensure they have the same coverage. Airline failure cover should provide protection to the traveller in the event that the airline, the company that provides accommodation (villas or retreats), or even the ferry firm goes bankrupt after the holiday has been booked. This happens very rarely, but it does happen.

And perhaps most importantly, it is vital for the independent traveller to be able to shop around, especially online, for the best deals. Being the ‘best’, however, does not always mean the cheapest; rather, a great insurance coverage should present a balance between features and price point. Fortunately, there are insurance companies, such as Insuremore, that offer a well-balanced travel insurance package that, while lower in price than those of other travel insurers, is nevertheless comprehensive and inclusive of many of the features found only in pricier insurance packages.

Winner of Travolution’s ‘Best Travel Insurance Website’ award in 2008, as well as the British Travel Award’s ‘Best Innovation for Online Claims’ category in 2006, Insuremore is one of the most respected, highly regarded travel insurance providers in the UK. The company has insured and protected tens of thousands of happy and satisfied travellers in the UK and elsewhere.

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Insuremore offers inexpensive but value-laden travel insurance packages. The company won Travolution’s “Best Travel Insurance Website” award in 2008. For further information about Insuremore and its travel insurance products, visit the website at .

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