09, December 2014: Integrated Bodywork, providing a holistic massage experience by professional massage therapist Sue Carberry, has announced its services now include sports massage in West London. Carberry specialises in deep tissue massage, aromatherapy massage, and Reiki healing. Sports massage involves manipulating particular muscles athletes use most or rehabilitation following an injury. 

Professional sports massage combines three separate techniques — Swedish massage, hydrotherapy, and trigger point therapy. These serve to stretch and mobilize the ligaments and joints around the muscles. In addition, muscle manipulation helps to prepare for sporting events and facilitate healing. 

When combined with stretching, sports massage can increase the endurance and performance of muscles. It can also be used for pain relief following an event or if the person has been inured. Pain reduction and reduction in stiffness are the result, while muscles can be much quicker restored to their normal condition. 

Another benefit to the integrated massage is an improvement in blood and lymphatic circulation. It helps reduce inflammation, improve range of movement, and break down scar tissue. Muscle tension and anxiety tend to be reduced as well and this specialized massage also restores mobility. In fact, the sports massage can extend the time of an athlete’s career or passion significantly. 

A native Australian, Sue Carberry is experienced in therapies such as healing and bodywork. She has further developed her skills with workshops, training, and lectures and now teaches other therapists in the field. At her West London private practice, Sue also offers a range of massage therapies in addition to sports massage, including Reiki healing, aromatherapy, and therapeutic massage. 

For more information on Integrated Bodywork and the sports massage in West London offered by Sue Carberry, go to http://www.integratedbodywork.co.uk/integrated-bodywork/sports-massage/