Atlanta, GA; 01, August 2015: Integritas Solutions’ services enable healthcare providers to accelerate their data collection and electronic information discovery, quickly, thus improving the health and safety of patient populations. Integritas Solutions is a veteran-owned company established in 2008 that provides outsourcing medical coding services and secure cloud-based patient registry solutions for health organizations. Their team of US-based medical coding consultants and the plethora of software solutions assist healthcare providers to obtain a quick, successful and appropriate reimbursement from insurance companies, thus reducing both costs and compliance risks.

“We wanted to re-launch the website so that old and new customers would have a better idea of what services we provide, what technology we are using, and what type of results they can expect to see if they hire Integritas Solutions for their medical coding and billing services,” says an official representative of the company. “We also wanted to make it known that we are a company providing analytics and auditing that can help healthcare providers understand where their money and labor go,” he added.

One of the areas of the website that has been improved is the Healthcare Analytics services section. This is a newer area of service that Integritas Solutions provides. The recent shift to value-based patient care has required that healthcare providers now maintain greater insight into the quality of patient care, as well as, keeping an eye on their medical costs, risks to patient, and information on the population's health. Their system, the Envision Clinical Analytics (ECA) has been used successfully by industry giants, enabling them to transform the findings into fully realized healthcare intelligence. By having a simplified report of costs versus care, a provider is better able to focus on their patients’ health as the top priority, while maximizing revenue opportunities by improving quality of care.

About Integritas Solutions:

Integritas Solutions offers medical coding and billing services which help an organization to save time and money. Using a fully integrated package that includes appropriate healthcare analytics can create greater revenue streams and Integritas Solutions wants to show people how.

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