(Free Press Release) United Kingdom, September 9, 2010- Intellicig has developed an e-liquid known as ECOpure to refill an electronic cigarette. The e-liquid has been produced in the company‘s own laboratory in Lancashire, UK. It is one of the cleanest and healthiest e-liquids available anywhere in the world. It does not use propylene glycol as a base unlike other e-liquids.

ECOpure only uses FCC Food Grade flavorings. It has a minimum purity of 99 percent. The nicotine used in the cigarette is 99.8 percent pure. No PG is used in this e-liquid. It is vegetable glycerol or VG based. You can also view the laboratory report of the ingredients used in the PDF available on the company‘s website. The product has been developed after 6 months of extensive research. The new e-liquid is used to refill the EVO cartridges of your electronic cigarette.

E-liquid is offered in many flavors by the company to maintain its clean and pure taste. The taste of e-liquid has deliberately been kept simple on customer demand. They are able to trust the contents because of use of the clean and pure liquid. Only a few ingredients are used in the liquid. The product is absolutely unique and is developed and completely produced in the UK. The liquid has a rich and deeper taste than the regular flavor cigarettes. It has a hint of tobacco to satiate the cravings of regular smokers. It provides a rich and deep-smoke-type effect.

Most e-liquids available in the market are exported from China. However, Intellicig‘s e-liquid is the cleanest and healthiest. The liquid has been produced by the company on their own using only pharmaceutical and food products purchased from the UK. The ingredients of the electronic cigarettes are also manufactured in the company‘s laboratory under the UMIC Biosciences Facility in Manchester.

The company has tried to maintain its untarnished reputation through this product. The company maintains batch quality and batch testing to make sure that all the ingredients are quality products using NMR and GCMS methods. The company also wants to send out a word of caution for people using this e-liquid. They should wear suitable protective clothing to protect their eyes and hands before using this product. It is also important to follow the instructions mentioned on the liquid before using it. The company cautions that nicotine is poison and therefore should be handled carefully.

All the orders for the liquid are shipped with a free plastic-tipped syringe which is perfect for refilling the cartridges of an electronic cigarette. The filler material remains in place, thus making its use fast, tidy, and convenient. The best part about the e-liquid is that it comes at a reasonable price of £2.40, including VAT. It is sent through Royal Mail Recorded Delivery. The customers get a free refill syringe with every e-liquid that they order. The liquid is available with a child-proof lid.

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