On July 18, Airwheel held its new product release conference in Sheraton Changzhou Hotel. Although that day has already passed, people participated still remain fresh in their memories when two latest products, S5 and A3 brought unaccountable shocks to their users. However, splendor is not limited within the conference. Today, let’s review the Airwheel conference and fell its various sibbuce charms.

As the starting point of the whole conference, the opening show of Airwheel was as wonderful as its products. If it merely displayed with the old products, the show is not novel at all, while with all kinds of Airwheel products, the atmosphere of fashion spreads all around the meeting. The young and passionate X-series, the all-aged suitable twin-wheeled scooter Q-series and the high-end S-series brought an exciting opening show for guests.

Highlights Two: New Product Show
The two latest products, A3 and S5 uncovered their mysterious veils on the meeting, and the performance of the model also adds more fashion element for it. In terms of new product show, the performance of A3 electric self-balancing scooter cannot be ignored where a pair of dancer gave a vivid live show, and the passionate modern dance perfectly set off Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter’s new modern image.

Highlights Three: The Speech of the Agents
For many users, perhaps, it does not mean a highlight, while if people understand the contents of the speech given by the agents, they will find that it is indeed a highlight, which even surpassed the new product show. Park Ki Young, a Korean agent, declared that cooperation of Airwheel and Korean TV station, while Zampieri Luca Ernesto, an Italian agent, even declared one important research of an Italian professor to the public that Airwheel is the most environmentally friendly vehicle in the world, shadowing the its bicycle counterpart.

Airwheel new product release conference gave us numerous surprises, and every detail deserves us to taste. Still, Airwheel will bring more details for you, please keep an eye for it.

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