December 16, 2012 — LAMY stands for innovative design that demonstrates an unstinting commitment to modernism. Lamy products are independent because they are traditionally designed in line with the Bauhaus principle of functional design based on ‘form follows function’. This means that at Lamy the design is in principle developed on the basis of functionality, the target group and the area of use for each writing instrument. Lamy is the only writing instrument manufacturer to consistently and continuously apply this principle. This approach makes Lamy products unmistakable style icons and the name Lamy a true trademark.

Lamy India has recently launched their website to feature Calligraphy pens and other kinds of pens made from quality materials. The company is best known for their broad range of designer fountain pens . And with their new website, they can now offer these masterpieces online, including ball pens, roller ball pens, German pens, etc. 

Started as a family-owned business in 1930, Lamy brand became known for its innovative prowess through their 27 fountain pen series. After this series, the company didn’t stop from making distinct pen designs and styles in 1966, which also paved the way for Lamy 2000. The company then garnered immediate popularity and became known throughout Germany, producing more than 6 million writing instruments every year. Lamy has been regarded as caliber designer fountain pens manufacturer in the world. The company’s pillar in crafting these pens requires them to give extreme focus on design, quality and brand, to live up to its name. A few examples of Lamy’s pen products include the following instruments: 

- Extra fine pens
- Mechanical pencils
- Roller pens
- Multi-system pens
- Accessories
- Pen sets
- Inks

Lamy uses their extensive experience to integrate technology in their writing instruments, especially in providing customized pens to clients as part of their branding strategy. Every pen is guaranteed, made with quality material to give functional edge that can fuel any writer’s or architect’s thoughts into action. 

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Company Profile: Lamy
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