Most of us know the meaning of having a crush, but we only are aware of few facts about crushes that can save us from an unfortunate situation. Sometimes, knowing how to move on from a crush will ease the pain of discovering that the person we like so much is not sharing the same feelings like we do.


Everyone has had a crush during their lifetime. It may seem to be a teenager story, but grownups go through this experience as well. And they go through it for lot of times in fact. But what is a crush more precisely? Having a crush on someone is not exactly the same thing as loving that person. The reason is because when you have a crush, you know the person just a little, but you enjoy spending time with that person and you even thinking or hearing about them make you feel something undefined, intense, but positive.


Today, you can find many facts about crushes that help you determine whether you have a crush on someone or someone else is crushing you. Sometimes it can be difficult to realize this, especially when you think that you share a beautiful friendship with someone else. It is hard to tell whether he is so nice to you just because you are friends and he cares about you or he sees you from a different point of view. Drawing these conclusions must be based on some good proofs. Otherwise, you can risk losing a beautiful friendship.


If you are the one that has a crush on someone else, you probably want to know if your feelings are shared or not. After all, they are in your mind every day at every hour and it can be frustrating to wait forever until your crush feels the same about you. Asking directly can definitely be embarrassing. Luckily, there are some signs that tell you if your crush is into you or not. For instance, you follow their body language, the way and the frequency they make you compliments or how much time do they want to spend with you.


However, if your crush seems to be thinking more about another person, maybe it is time for you to find out how to move on from a crush. There is no doubt that this truth can be hard to accept, but moving on is the right solution in this case. Sometimes, starting to think about someone else can be helpful, equally as avoiding your former crush. If you continue seeing him, all you are doing is harm yourself even more. Learning how to move on from a crush can also help you end the relationship with your crush on a good note, which can as well be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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