When it comes to interesting ways of travelling and exploring the world, home swap is definitely one of the most interesting! 100% free of charge, a lot of fun and very convenient, home exchange comes with many advantages and benefits. All these without you having to spend anything! For learning more on what home swapping is and what it implies, join the community today and start planning your first holidays!


Did you know that home swapis 100% free?! What many people don’t know is that when you subscribe for home exchange you don’t have to pay anything: before, during or after your stay! Can you honestly think of a better way to spend your holidays than this? And wait until you learn more on the other advantages guaranteed by such an agreement…


Did you know that anybody can participate at a home exchange? Basically, there are no rules, no limitations and no restrictions: if you have a house and you have the willingness to exchange, all there is left to do is become a member, place an ad and let things run down their course. One detail: if you are living in a rented house, make sure your landlord is ok with the idea of home swap! After all, nobody likes unpleasant situations.


Did you know that you can travel with your pets as well? Yes, according to sites specialized in home swap more and more people are open to the idea of allowing their guests to come along with pets. However, it is important to ask this before you agree on a home exchange, thus avoiding further complications or unpleasant situations.


Did you know that you can have a personal car as well? From what it seems, most people allow their exchange family to use the car as many times wanted. This will help you save a lot of money with transportation: no more renting a car, no more public buses or trams! It’s comfortable to have your personal car during the holidays!


There are many things people don’t know on home swap: many great advantages that anybody can benefit from during the vacations! As it turns out, the minimal condition is to join, create a profile and describe your house. Make sure that you are as accurate as possible and don’t create false expectations. Generally, people are not looking for 5 stars hotels but a comfortable home with all the commodities necessary for a few days.


Step by step, you discover a great world, a new world of possibilities and options. Basically, you understand that it doesn’t take a fortune to see the world, it takes only a serious and reliable site specialized in home exchange and a few hours to send messages and talk with other members. Why spend a lot when can spend nothing on accommodation! Join today this amazing community!



For learning more information on home exchange opportunities, please access the site  home exchange   . Take a moment and consult the webpage   home swap      if you want to read further details on the offers available, how to register as a member or for other important regulations.