There are several benefits of having an interest into a celebrity or a famous movie or a particular type of music. Knowing some interesting facts about One Direction can be a great ice breaker when you meet someone that shares the same musical interest as you. Besides that, it allows social bonding, especially when you don’t feel comfortable about sharing details regarding your own life. It is much easier to discuss some interesting facts about Justin Bieber instead of giving away personal details to someone you have just met.


Why are celebrities so important to us? In spite of the fact that celebrity news access is quite a recent element in human history, the interest into the lives of famous people is something as natural as the other instincts we have. Scientists tell us that we are biologically programmed to like people that have a higher status than us. This ensures our survival and our ascension as well. But is it really only this? Most of times we just need to have someone as a model, without necessarily being related or associated with that famous person.


There is nothing bad in having a special interest into someone, as long as it doesn’t become an obsession. In fact, it can even be beneficial. If you have a favorite band or musician, knowing a little bit about their lives may be just the thing you need to improve your day. Sometimes we find things that connect us to our favorite celebrities and nothing can be more exciting than knowing that you share a common passion, an interest or who knows, maybe even a phobia. Besides that, knowing some celebrity facts can be a step ahead when you have to initiate a conversation. If the others share the same passion as you, you might just put the basis of a new friendship.


If you are interested in reading some interesting facts about One Direction or some interesting facts about Justin Bieber, don’t forget to check Her Interest, which is an online magazine for women. You would be surprised to hear that Harry Styles loves Elvis’ music, while Zayn Malik is a big fan of the Harry Potter books. Moreover, few people know that Liam Payne has a very unusual phobia: he is afraid of spoons!


The oldest member of OneDirection, Louis Tomlinson, has some intriguing past as well. Who would have guessed that he once worked as a waiter? The blond-haired Irish, Niall Horan, which is the second youngest after Harry Styles has an odd phobia as well. Nothing scares him more than pigeons. And if you are searching for some interesting facts about Justin Bieber, you should know that there is a big movie about his life coming up this year, which is called “Believe 3D”.


You can find many other interesting facts about One Direction or interesting facts about Justin Bieber from Her Interest. Your favorite singers are indeed much more besides what you see on the stage!