30, December 2014: Industry experts have revealed that a variety of major motion pictures are scheduled to be shot on the streets of Rome over the next year. Anyone who’s booked in for a stay in a family hotel in Rome may be particularly excited about the prospect of seeing stars from the James Bond franchise. Film enthusiasts may also be interested to hear that Rome’s historic landmarks are set to feature in a remake of the classic Ben Hur.

Big Plans in the Pipeline

Director of James Bond films Sam Mendes has revealed that he plans on filming some seriously intense car chases around Rome. Daniel Craig will undoubtedly be relishing the prospect of zooming through the city streets in a high performance Jaguar C-X75 and he is also expected to parachute onto the historic Ponte Sisto bridge. Unfortunately the movie locations will be closed to members of the public while filming takes place, however locals say is is likely travellers could run into a host of movie stars during their stay in a family hotel in Rome.

Those who remember the original version of Ben Hur will most certainly be interested in the scenes that are slated to be shot against the historic backdrop of Rome. Notable landmarks such as the Colosseum and Piazza Navona are likely to feature in the new film and representatives from the Cinecitta studios will no doubt encourage Jack Huston and his co-stars to draw upon the inspiration of the historic surrounds.

Cinecitta also anticipate the filming of Zoolander 2 and Voice From The Stone in Rome, and it’s also likely these blockbusters will be shown at the International Film Festival in Rome in 2015. Giuseppe Basso, General Director of Cinecitta Studios, says, “We waited a long time for our incentives to be tailored to the needs of international productions. As soon as this happened some very important projects signed on, confirming that Rome and Italy can still be competitive internationally.”

Those travellers eager to discover the movie magic of Rome are encouraged to tour local sites including the Piazza Spagna and Via Veneto, where they’ll find a variety of panels featuring information about classic movies such as The Talented Mr Ripley and Roman Holiday. They can also stop off at the Il Tempio Del Cinema Shop and Restaurant, which is within easy access of many a family hotel in Rome.

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