Over the years, the fashion industry is starting to show an affinity towards the fashion of the east. This affinity culminated at the 2012 runway show when a top designer showcased her collection with models clad in a westernized version of the Indian salwar suits and kurtas. The collection was heavily accessorized in heavy Indian ethnic jewellery and the clothes bore traditional prints. Further back in 2011, Victoria Beckham stepped out in one of her collections that comprised of her signature pencil dress draped by an elegant Pashmina shawl which was attached to the dress. The same dress was worn by the character Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl. Ever since then, there was no looking back.

In the western fashion industry, the pashmina scarf became synonymous to elegance and class. The delicate cashmere pashmina scarf is perfect for any season. It is light enough to be worn as a small scarf on a summer day and warm and soft enough to be worm as a bigger shawl on cold winter nights. When the fabrics pashmina and silk are woven together, it gives birth to a luxurious fabric which offers a contrasting delicateness and yet it is durable. Australia is one of the biggest manufacturers of the best quality pashminas scarves. One can get great quality pashminas online at affordable prices. The online store simply called Pushminas offers an exhaustive collection of some of the finest pieces collection from around the world. There is just no end to the variety of colors, sizes and designs that this online store offers.

These pashminas are all hand painted and hence painted to perfection with all the detailing. These customized pieces are designed to perfection and there is one for every taste. These scarves are a great choice for gifts and it can also give an elegant touch to your boring outfit. For more information visit http://www.pashminas.net.au/

About pashminas.net.au

Pashminas is an online store that is specialized in pashmina scarves. Based in Australia, it is one of the leading suppliers of this Indian inspired, luxurious pashmina scarves across the country.