The internet download manager is currently rated as one of the most indispensible software for accelerating the entire process for the user.  Its efficiency has been lauded for taking care of all uploads from the moment it is installed in the computer system.

Although high speed internet connections have become ubiquitous in the modern day scenario, reports show that people still need a little help with their downloading every now and then. Even owners of high speed internet routers admitted that the service provided by the Internet Download Manager is indispensible to their every day downloading routine. The integrated algorithm IDMan used in the system represents a tool accelerator. As per the reports of the developers, it can potentially increase the entire download speed by 30 per cent, as compared to the other popular program counter parts like those of Get Right or Download Master. Users especially prefer this program due to features like an all-support system for popular browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, IE, AOL, Netscape, MSN, Firefox, Avant Browser and others. It has also been designed to support all protocols like HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, MMS, Microsoft ISA, etc. Close sources have revealed that the high speed download owes its credit to the program’s intelligent dynamic file segmentation technology. The average user uses the program to download and record FLV videos from popular social media sites like Google video and MySpaceTV. Developers have updated it with an antivirus program, which will automatically run a scanner after a download is completed. The program’s popularity on an international level is due to the multilingual support. By default, the program includes 8 language packs while there are other languages which are readily available on the program’s official web site. Another great feature is the program’s ability to automatically connect to the internet at a set time and download the said file and then shut down when the download is complete.  For more information please go to




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