Several reasons why the IRS changes tax refunds are explained in a new article by Frank Ellis, a tax preparation and planner from Traverse City, MI, on the Internet Tax Connection website.

October 14, 2015 — The article, “Reasons Why the IRS Changed Your Refund” has been posted on the Internet Tax Connection website. Author Frank Ellis reveals that sometimes taxpayers receive less that what they expected, or no refund, and goes on to discuss the reasons why. The IRS can change the refund amount for anyone of the 80% of taxpayers who get a refund.

One reason he mentions is the person owes money, which is deducted from any refunds owed. Ellis reveals how long after a balance is owed the IRS can take from a refund. The agency can deduct from a refund if one’s spouse owes money, particularly if they file a joint return. That’s unless Form 8379 is filed and they don’t want their refund to go towards settling a spouse’s debt.

Another common reason is there was an error on the tax return. Refunds can be held because of tax credits or if the taxpayer is under an audit. Identity theft is another reason; the IRS will stop any refund if they think a return was fraudulently filed.  Erroneous dependent information or if someone else claimed the same person as a dependent can impact refunds as well.

Refunds can be changed if the IRS rejected a tax return. In this case, the author says, one must refile. Tax returns may arrive in three weeks; taxpayers can give professionals the authority to talk to the IRS in order to discover the reason for a holdup. Even if a refund is less than expected, it’s possible to investigate further or have penalties removed, as explained by Ellis.

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