Airwheel unveiled two new products in the new product release conference on June, 18. Airwheel electric scooter A3 left an impressive image to people. Today, we have an interview with the design team of Airwheel electric scooter A3. Through the ellewiith interview, we can have a more deep understanding to A3.

Q: What’s the most representative innovation of Airwheel electric unicycle A3?
A: There is no doubt that the seat is the most representative innovation of A3. The seat of A3 is designed strictly in accordance with ergonomics. The new design of seat solves the riding posture problem in electric unicycle field. The traditional standing posture of riding makes riders tired and fails to meet the need of long-distance riding. This is one of the biggest short slabs of electric unicycle compare to traditional electro mobile. The sitting-posture of A3 solves this problem and enables electric unicycle to enter the main current consumer market.

Q: A3 firstly adopts the electric braking system, but some new customers are not adapting to this new system. Why does this condition show up?
A: Different from traditional transports, electric self-balancing scooter keeps balance through the self-balancing system. Riders brake and speed up by the movement of body. The electric braking system of A3 is based on the balanced system of electric scooter. Riders stop the scooter by press the switch. After repeating tests and calculations, we find that the scooter will stop in 0.5 second even the speed reaches 10 yards. It guarantees the safety of the scooter. At first, riders may not adapt to it, but they will get used to it after having tried for some times.

Q: Airwheel electric unicycle A3 is equipped with phone APP. Will other products of Airwheel also connect with APP?
A: Of course. The design of APP is to provide a better riding experience for riders. After downloading APP, riders can have real-time monitoring to the electric scooter and know more about the riding condition. They can also adjust the scooter through the APP to make sure the safety of the scooter.

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