‘Into the Wild’ this week on Best of Luck Nikki Season 3


Comedy and confusion levels up on the upcoming episode of Best of Luck Nikki as Avatar Singh goes head to head with a Gorilla!


Wait, Gorilla you say? Yes! Avatar has to sort out a power issue at the National Zoo, and things take a unique twist when the only way to solve the problem is to enter a gorilla cage. Sunny and Rohanhave a gala time watching their father getting chased around by a Gorilla. Himani turns a detective when she overhears Dolly’s conversation with Ayaan about a secret plan through a baby monitor that she is testing before the new baby arrives.


What does Himani discover? What is Dolly’s plan? How does it affect the Singh family? And more importantly, who wins the great match — the mighty Avatar Singh or the enormous Gorilla?


Catch an all new episode ofBest of Luck NikkiSeason 3 on

Sunday, August 4, 2013 at 10.30amonly on Disney Channel


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