Ningbo, China; 08, October 2015: NingBo KingDom Home Fashion Company specializes in the design and development of storage solutions that help store a variety of items in a limited space. Their foldable and hanging storage boxes are specially designed for the contemporary homes that are of compact sizes and have very limited space to store various products.

The spokesperson of the company reveals that they have an attractive foldable storage box range for modern homes. Besides offering great functional advantages, these boxes are beautiful in design and also add to the aesthetic value of a home. The foldable boxes include foldable cube box storage bins, foldable cardboard drawer boxes, bra and underwear storage boxes, multi-functional foldable cooler sets, toy organizer storage boxes, fabric folder storage drawer and others. All these boxes are available in attractive colors and are manufactured using quality materials.

The company has the folding laundry basket that can be used for keeping washable clothes in an arranged manner. Available in several designs, these baskets come with easy grip handles to carry them easily from one place to another. The baskets are durable and easy to use and one can fold them to save the space and keep the laundry tidy and well organized. The folding baskets can easily be kept in bathrooms, laundry room or any other place and it creates a simple and useful storage space.

NingBo KingDom’s storage solutions feature a well-thought out design that is based on the concept of the minimum space utilization for creating maximum storage space. The company’s hanging jewelry organizer has especially been designed to keep all small and big jewelry items in a single place, well-organized and in a handy manner. The jewelry organizer is also meant for the traveling purposes where one can keep all jewelries safe and intact at a single place. These storage bags come with PVC pockets to keep a variety of items in them.

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NingBo KingDom is a Manufacturer of Home Storage and Organizers with a team full of energy. The company focuses on Product Development and Manufacture, and offers the most premium storage and organizing solutions and the newest market news for customers. Also, it helps customers to extend business. The company’s mission is to help customers to achieve success through products, solutions and service.

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