Guangzhou City, China — The New 200W (5R) Beam Moving Head Light introduced by SEEYO can be used in a variety of applications for gaining attention of the audience. These powerful beam moving head lights can be used in theaters, TV studios, live concerts, wedding ceremonies, celebrations and other places. The 200W beam moving head lights use bulb models like MSD 5R, Philips, Taiwan Yodn lamps and OSRAM, and ensure a long-lasting durability with a great lighting perfection.

By introducing 200W beam light, the company enters into a new segment of lighting products, offering a wide range of choices to its customers. The company believes that the Beam Moving Head Light is the future of the lighting industry and it will gradually be used in a variety of applications. The company cites its unique characteristics and maintains that its capability of emitting brighter light makes it an efficient solution.

The company spokesperson maintains that their 200W beam moving head lights are small in size and light in weight but maintains a super lighting efficiency. It can emit 10-fold brighter light than 300W beam lights, and even could be brighter than 700W and 200W beam moving head lights. According to the spokesperson, these 200W beam moving head lights use advanced high-precision cross-poly foreign short focal length that allows them to emit superbly bright and attention-drawing lighting effects. It also features anti-imaging Fresnel optical lens thread and high condensing optical system that makes it desirable for capturing the essence of functions and other places.

These (5R) Beam Moving Head Lights are ideal in places where it requires to move the lights fast and cover the objects perfectly. Moreover, the eight prism effects enable the operator to play with the lighting in a better and in a more creative manner. The company spokesperson maintains that these lighting products can be used to introduce an interesting lighting format to turn an event more eventful and happening. There are several amazing features that SEEYO has included in its unique (5R) Beam Moving Head Lights, and one can learn more about this product by downloading the specification at


SEEYO Stage Lighting Co., Limited is a manufacturer and supplier of moving headlines. Based in China, the company was established in 2004. They have a high-tech production unit with a complete R&D set up to help develop advanced products to meet the requirements of the modern times.

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