Ecoblast Supplies Ltd (ESL) are proud to unveil the new addition to our product range, which comes in the form of a range of superior industrial vacuum cleaners that are handpicked to fulfil the diverse and often extreme spectrum of cleaning requirements of industries across the UK. As you can imagine, demands for industrial cleaning solutions can be very specific and often require specialist equipment. We offer vacuum systems that all offer unique traits that can be cherry picked for a wide range of jobs from thorough cleaning of warehouses and factory floors through to extraction and discharge of bulky and at times hazardous materials.

Why ESL?

As such ESL are proud to offer some of the very best industrial vacuum cleaners for lease, sale, contract and short term hire, with packages to suit all needs including flexible financing. We only work with the very cream of industrial cleaning manufacturers, with market leaders Wieland, Torbo, Clena and ASCO responsible for our product range — and Wieland making all of our industrial vacuum systems. This way we are 100% confident in every piece of machinery we handle, knowing that it is sure to offer unparalleled performance, reliability and durability.

Why Wieland?

Wieland is indubitably the world leading company when it comes to building industrial vacuum systems and all of their products are built in their own purpose-made factories in Germany, keeping things very local to them and allowing them to control the quality of their products at every step of the process, from design to development and ultimately shipment to us at ESL.

All of the Wieland systems that we stock are subject to great offers of financing and we are happy to discuss the unique needs of all of our potential customers and offer advice on choosing the best system and package for their needs. We are incredibly proud to stock Wieland products as they are tirelessly working on a steadfast drive to provide maximum customer benefit, build quality and adhere to ever-advancing ergonomic principles in design and development of market-leading products.

In their drive to yield the highest performance possible in suction and filtering, Wieland are sticklers for using the very best quality components and are restless in improving filter technology, vacuum technology and filter cleaning capacity of all of their products. They also work with health and safety aspects at the forefront of design including ergonomic operation solutions. In all respects the Wieland range stocked by ESL is unrivalled the world over.

Product range

We carry a great range of vacuum cleaning systems that all have their place when it comes to industrial requirements.

Portable Systems

We now stock a brilliant range portable vacuum systems from the relatively small and yet powerful VacPro and IS series machines that are capable of light to medium intensity work, through to the MaxVac series for heavy intensity work and the S3 series with its 22KW output for extra heavy duty suction requirements.

Static Systems

For tough, in situ industrial cleaning requirements we carry a range of static systems that can be placed where needed on a permanent basis and can be connected to pipework systems.

Pipework Systems

A very important addition to static systems, Wieland specialize in provided bespoke solutions to create a disposal network for stationary and dust extraction units. We can liaise with you to ensure that you will get the pipework system that you need that fulfills all of your requirements.

Mobile Vacuum Units

For companies that are working on roads or utilities that need versatile equipment capable of heavy duty extraction our range of mobile vacuum units will tick all the boxes.

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