Kitchen Lovers has just relaunched one of its best known products: the Salt and Pepper Grinder Set. Through unmatched design and craftsmanship, the set is sure to wow foodies everywhere.

February 20, 2017 — Having the best seasoning is an integral part of any dish. And every chef knows that the secret to the two most common seasonings, salt and pepper, is to grind it on demand. The fresh exposure to the air creates a stronger taste and aroma, augmenting any dish.

Today, Kitchen Lovers is here to provide veteran chefs and novice foodies alike with the tools they need to get this refined taste. Through a durable ceramic rotor, shatterproof acrylic, and a stainless steel finish, the Kitchen Lovers Salt and Pepper Grinder Set is sure to last for thousands of meals. As an added benefit, each grinder features five fineness settings, making the set perfect for any situation.

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