New York, December 14, 2015 — Orfeo SoundWorks’s Orfeo Bluetooth Earphones are selected as a CES 2016 Innovation Awards HONOREE in the Headphones category. The company will present the new product at CES Unveiled in Las Vegas, on January 4, 2016.

A microphone inside of an average set of Bluetooth headphones tends to pick up on all surrounding sounds because it is located outside of the speaker’s mouth, making it challenging to communicate over the phone while in noisy environments. Orfeo SoundWorks solves this problem by using InnerMicâ„¢ Technology, and placing the microphone inside of the earphones to catch the voice traveling through the Eustachian Tube; thus blocking out all additional sound interference. Orfeo Bluethooth Earphones also employ the VoiceRecoveryâ„¢ Technology for a more natural sound.

The headphones also feature another microphone which is located right outside of the ear, that can be turned on via the Orfeo Control mobile app. SoundThruâ„¢ Technology serves to utilize this outer-mic in order to allow surrounding noises to come through while listening to music, such as for bicyclists on public roads.

Another innovation developed at Orfeo is Accudioâ„¢ technology, which allows for each model of headphones  to reproduce  Hi-Fi  sound for a perfect listening experience, whether a user is enjoying music, or playing 3D games in virtual reality. Accudioâ„¢ Simulation Mode allows users to simulate  sound properties  of  various  audio  devices, and Accudioâ„¢ Loudspeaker gives users the feel of  listening to  stereo speakers in a concert hall. The Dynamic  Range   Controller  automatically  adjusts its  output  signal based  on  outside noise  level.

Currently,   Orfeo SoundWorks  offers three types of Bluetooth headsets: sports, neckband, and mono. The company also provides communication solutions for the B2B market.

Tommy Kim, Orfeo SoundWorks founder, is a well-known expert in consumer electronics who has worked for many years as a consultant for global manufacturers and government organizations. In 2009, he founded Golden Ears, Korea’s first sound equipment review website. Kim said: “With our technology, consumers will be able to enjoy uninterrupted communications and high quality sound. Orfeo SoundWorks is honored to be among the Innovation Award  nominees and excited to showcase the  headphones at the CES in Las Vegas in January, 2016.”

The CES Innovation Awards is an annual competition hosted since 1976, honoring outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products across 27 categories, and sponsored by the Consumer Technology Association (CEAâ„¢), the producer of CES 2016.
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