United States; 11, December 2014: Sapling has emerged as a highly innovative, inexpensive and least risky mobile fundraising platform that has taken the crowdfunding industry by storm. Start-ups and established businesses alike are finding it to be one of the most dynamic platforms, where they can easily raise funds for their campaigns. Packed with new and advanced features, Sapling with its grid system offers a fun and exciting way to raise money for any sized goal. Moreover, its open beta version is free to use, which allows users to sign up and start raising funds immediately.


Since each and every crowdfunding campaign is different, using smartphones to maximize donations and reduce risk has turned out to be quite an innovative approach. Unlike any other application available in the market, Sapling provides users with an opportunity to raise funds for their campaigns and reach their goals. It has a unique grid system which allows the donors to pick one or more available tiles and make donations ranging from $1-50, $100, $250 to $500 in order to help the fundraiser “clear the board” and reach his target. Apart from this, one of the best features of this system is that it allows the campaigner to reward his donors with surprise gifts hidden under the tiles. It even allows the users to get the word out by linking right to their social media feeds and sending text messages from their admin panel to engage their friends and family instantly.

The open beta version of Sapling is totally free to use. All a user has to do is sign up by filling the form and start raising funds for his/her campaign. Users can choose the length of their fundraiser, and all the credit processing, security, pci compliance, etc are taken care of by the Sapling team. They retain 5% of the funds raised to cover maintenance fee and card processing, and once the period is over, they will automatically drop the funds into a user’s checking account, regardless of whether the goal has been met or not.

For more information, simply visit: https://sapling.mobi

About Sapling:

Sapling is a new division of its parent company “ClickBid Mobile Bidding Software”, which has been created with an aim to provide crowdfunding community with an effective mobile fundraising tool for campaigns, causes and committees.