A picture is worth more than a thousand words. Just look at the cover: “Me and my life,” me and a big A... see the irony?

“Me and my life: Guilty without guilt Or Confessions of the innocent” is a philosophical yet humorous book using rhymes, metaphors and jokes to convey a message of positivity and hope. It appeals to the majority of book lovers by covering a wide range of relatable topics. The book outlines various dilemmas that occur in life, and through the use of humor and wit, comes up with profound yet logical solutions.

It is an excellent example of creative writing. Check out the following exert for yourself:
In troubles to the hilt, Guilty without guilt, Being a loser and feeling odd I was addressing directly to God: “Life is not easy And the cheese I eat is not cheesy Being held in thrall With no help at all I found my way to you Without any clue I think it is awesome And I want to be a better person I want to change my life I want to win that strife You’re probably busy helping others Our mothers and brothers And I agree with you They need help more than I do But I still need your blessing I want to eat food with dressing I want things changed And I know it can be arranged Covered with dust I was living in my past I can shake that dust away And be on my way To become a new man I know I can We can’t understand your game But you created this World with an aim For people to live in joy and fame And I would like to proclaim The hope is still alive And I will survive Because wherever I go You are with me, I know

It would be beneficial to read this book with a highlighter in your hands because it contains such a diverse collection of thoughts, quotes, ideas, philosophical approaches and much more.

For example in the chapter “Aliens” you can find the answer for the eternal question: What do women want?

Not much: just your heart
For the most part
And a magic wand after all

In “Shifted consciousness” you can find some spiritual advice, in “A little romance” some hints on how to approach women.

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