Austin TX, August 1, 2013 --The S2S-100 Sit to Stand Desk base incorporates new functionality to an already strong telescoping top mounting base which eliminates a lower crossbar. The top-mounting frame now expands from 42.5” to 74” wide to accommodate table tops from 44” to 84+.” The S2S-S100 height adjustable desk offers two powerful motors rated at 330 lbs. of lift. The base was tested for 20,000 cycles of lifting and lowering 400lbs. The entire S2S Desk line also has a four-position programmable digital LED height readout. The line can be purchased as a base only or with a variety of table-top sizes & colors.

The All New S2S-101 Sit to Stand Independent Leg Desk Base is designed for smaller table tops or larger non-flexible (hardwood) table tops.This is ideal for companies, home offices, or dorm rooms, which may have restricted space. An ideal solution is to combine a treadmill or recumbent bike with this desk. This adjustable height desk base offers all the same application as the S2S-100 Standing Height Adjustable Desk.

The most important change to any of the S2S adjustable height desk line is the 3-Leg S2S-200v2 Height Adjustable Desk. The original model had a fixed length. The all new S2S-200v2 gives you the freedom to choose a number of table top options without having to figure out which 3-Leg base to buy. This desk uses the S2S-100 telescoping base (adjusts from 42.5” to 74” wide) and a third independent leg, offering a choice of top sizes from small (48"Wx48"Wx24"D) or large (78"Wx78"Wx34"D). The design of this 3-leg base is truly unique among other desk producers.

Research has shown for more than 30 years that sitting all day can be a major health hazard. People sitting in a fixed position all day experience more pain and are more likely to suffer from chronic health problems such as obesity, diabetes, arthritis and heart disease. Research from the Mayo Clinic, Cornell University, Texas A&M University and University of Missouri has demonstrated the musculoskeletal benefits & weight-loss advantages of using a adjustable height desk. A height adjustable desk allows standing, walking on a treadmill or recumbent biking. When any of these activities are done at even at intervals of 10-15 minutes per hour--it can greatly improve health.

“The scope of adjustability makes the Ergoprise S2S ideal for people who want to maintain their health.” said Stephanie Gilbert, CEO. “It’s priced to work within many budgets, so virtually anyone can enjoy the health benefits of an adjustable height desk.”

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