New York — WordPress; a free open source management System introduces another plugin called “WP Rocket” which was launched 2 years ago in France and was introduced to the International market on May 2015. Since this is the first major caching plugin that comes with 100% commercial model, its ability to succeed in the market as free caching solutions was challenged and for two years, it has proven its worth well.

Phil from Pure Planet Recycling site shared this experience; “I am not a developer but I can say that I am technically competent. I used WP Rocket in configuring my install to come up with optimal delivery. And true indeed, this plugin improved my site’s speed significantly. Though I have tried other page speed plugins, I can say that nothing can beat WP Rocket’s result”.

In February 2015, more than 15,000 websites are using WP Rocket and the company is enjoying monthly revenue of at least $35K. By August of the same year, this plugin is active in 32,000 websites. A total of $351,097 was pulled out by the company for sales of WP Rocket from July 2014 to July 2015. These numbers only proved that WordPress users are willing to pay the price to have an easy to configure solution for their site’s optimization.

Developers of WP Rocket; Jean-Baptiste Marchand-Arvier and Jean-BaptisteMarchand-Arvier are excited on the result of their labors.  “Expect that WP Rocket will not the only product from our startup. We will have a portfolio of products as well”, Marchand-Arvier said. With this, the company is expecting streams of potentially welcoming revenue including themes, plugins and SaaS.

Among the features of WP Rocket are as follows:
- Quick Setup
- Cache Preloading
- Page Caching
- Browser Caching
- GZIP Compression
- LazyLoad
- Google Fonts Optimization
- Defer JS Loading
- Minification/Concatenation
- CloudFlare Compatibility
- DNS Prefetching
- Multisite Compatibility
- Mobile Detection
- Ecommerce Friendly
- Connected Users
- Multilingual Compatibility
- Developer Friendly
- Import/Export
- White Label

As of date, WP Rocket employs a team that works on Imagify; a toolkit for image compression and their first attempt for SaaS venture. “Julio is also working for the security plugin”; Merchant Arvier declared. “We want to prove something, and that is what we are doing is more than just selling a plugin”, he added. And they do this by creating a strong company culture.

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