24th January, 2014: With house prices increasing and more first time buyers unable to find the huge deposits that are now required by mortgage lenders, now is still a great time to choose buy to let investments says James Wood from Investment Sales.

It has been predicted that within 30 years, owning a home will become less affordable and renting a home will become normal for the average family. This has been predicted due to the cost of living, wages not living up to the cost of living as well as house prices continuing to increase which leaves the average person unable to buy a family home.

Although this news is not great for families who hope their children will be able to buy their own family home when they grow up, it is good news for investment property experts who will see the demand for rental property increase.

Rent rises in England and Wales have increased by just 1.5% making the average rental £745 per month making it a lot less than was first predicted which is good news for people who are renting flats, apartments and houses. Landlords and investment property companies are also celebrating after the demand for rental property has increased by 7.7% compared to December 2012.

A new survey has found that landlords are very positive about the rental market, a fifth of them who were surveyed have said they will be increasing their portfolios in 2014 to cover the huge demand in rental properties.

Three quarters of the landlords who took part in the survey have said now is a great time to buy with the huge increase in the number of people looking to become a tenant, making property investment a wise move if you have the finances to invest for the future.

With the need for rental properties increasing and with house prices continuing to rise, now is still a great time to buy houses for either rental or for short term investments.

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