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Getting acidic because of all the bounty on the table does not begin in the Christmas season. Actually, binge eating and treats start as the Halloween season enters. This is the time when families gather together and when someone chooses treat, then expect a feast.

Website Ionizer Research provides some tips on how people can still stay alkaline even after the Halloween season.

First, people should learn to drink ionized alkaline water. These water suppliers reportedly come from a water ionizer machine that certain companies offer.

“This is the top tip because it’s the easiest and best way to decrease acidity.  Ionized alkaline water straight from your water ionizer machine is the freshest, most potent alkaline water,” the website stated in the article.

Next is about eating the right alkaline food. Among the alkaline food recipe ingredients that should be on the diet are spinach, kale, avocado and cucumber. These should get people into shape through the holidays, and toward the New Year season.

The website also said exercise is a must.

“However, you don’t have to hit the weights in the gym, unless you want to.  Going for a brisk walk is enough to get those acidic waste products moving out of your body,” the website added.

About the SelpHbalance digital pH meter

Then, maybe it is time to get those pH meters and monitor the body. The SelpHbalance pocket digital pH meter has everything that can make better pH tests than using the pH paper tests. Several consumers like the pocket digital pH for testing the pH levels, especially if they are under a specific diet. With the product is an auto calibration feature that facilitates accurate testing all the time.

“I love trying out new and innovative products. Although these tests have been around for a while now they have not been affordable until recently. This pH tester was so easy to use. The instructions were very clear. Glad to have found an easy to use, reliable way to test different brands of water for its alkalinity,” one customer wrote in the review.

About the company

SelpHbalance focuses on longevity and health awareness in the United States. With the growing trend of health awareness in the 21st century, SelpHbalance contributes to and promotes longevity so that consumers can have a healthy lifestyle using their products.

Amazon offers the digital pH meter for a price of $18.77 with free shipping on orders more than $49. It is time that you start trying the product today for better benefits. For more information about its features, check out its Amazon page or visit its official website to read customer reviews.

About The Company
With the growing trend of health awareness in the 21st century, selpHbalance is a brand in the United States that promotes longevity for a healthy lifestyle.
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