17, July 2015: Try new Insolence Double IPA beer and Thwack smoked IPA beer from Bent Kettle Brewing, on tap at The Milwaukee Burger Company starting July 16th 2015. Location: 6421 S 27th St., Franklin, WI.

Bent Kettle Brewing is holding a meet and greet event hosted at the Milwaukee Burger Company in Appleton on Thursday July 16th 2015 starting at 5pm to launch their two new IPA beer flavors: Insolence Double IPA beer and Thwack smoked IPA beer.

Want to "Get Bent" somewhere else? Bent Kettle IPA beer and craft beers can be found at the following Wisconsin hot spots:
Eddie's Ale House - 238 E Main St., Sun Prairie, WI.
Paddy Coughlin’s Pub - 13 Sherman Ave. Fort Atkinson, WI.
Ray's Liquors - 8930 W North Ave. Wauwatosa, WI.
Keystone Grill in Cambridge, WI
Alchemy Cafe on Atwood Ave in Madison, WI.
More locations coming soon…

Bars and Retailers: Want to have Bent Kettle IPA beers at your location? They’d love to talk with you! Drop them a line and tell them about yourself. They’ll follow up within 24 hours to go over details. Contact Bent Kettle Brewing owner Mark Cook at (920) 390-9038 or visit http://bentkettle.com/become-a-retailer-or-distributor

About Kent Kettle Brewing:

Bent more accurately describes the craft beer recipes founders Mark Cook and Jim Jorgenson Mark creates: non-conformist, irreverent, experimental and artesian: using non-traditional ingredients in traditional beers, so "Bent Kettle" was born.

The name Bent Kettle is fairly obvious: it's a brewing vessel used to create beer. Bent takes on multiple meanings: dents for one, focus & determination for another, and not straight or true to form.

Taking the time tested traditions and having the inner grit to 'go against the grain' and blend new flavors, tastes, and using non traditional beer ingredients is why Bent Kettle Brewing is quickly becoming a household name for 'Getting Bent' with IPA and craft beer.

For more information contact Bent Kettle Brewing owner Mark Cook at 920-390-9038 or visit http://bentkettle.com