The variety of laptops, phones and tablets we see every day in our immediate surroundings have given us quite a fine idea about their brands and features. What about machines those are not so often used but are equally important? Small gadgets are easy to carry but, big screens always mean a bigger impact. Presenting those amazing ideas in boardroom meetings or spending a cosy afternoon on the couch watching reruns of your favourite TV series can only be possible when you have a high definition projector by your side. Why not have the best of both worlds and connect your iPad to an iPad projector? Here are some useful insights into getting cheap projectors.

One of the key features to focus on buying cheap projectors is the zoom lens. It helps in adjusting the size of the image without moving the projector. A zoom range of 1.2:1 helps you to adjust the image by 20%. If you want a better range then opt for 1.2:1 to 2.0:1 or more. The higher the ratio better would be the zoom. Along with that a good contrast quality gives a more accurate display. Resolution of the projector is important. Higher the resolution, finer would be the image clarity. For flexibility, iPad projectors give you the freedom of exhibiting your ideas without carrying a bulky gadget. You can easily charm your way through a meeting with this sleek device.

When buying an iPad projector, keystone correction should be kept in mind. It helps in reducing trapezoidal effects of images when the projector can’t be set up in a complete straight line onto the screen. Most cheap projectors have vertical correction while some of them have both vertical and horizontal. Multiple ports help in attaching the projector with various video or image sources. Make sure it can support presentations from different sources. Nowadays, computer-free projection is in vogue to get rid of the excess baggage. In such case, look for input slots for flash drives and SD cards. Avoid projectors that weigh more than 5 pounds if you are travelling; else, a 10-15 pound one for your office conference room can be considered.

An iPad projector that is pocket-sized is portable and weighs up to 5 oz. It can be either plugged to an iPad or can be without cables. There are many application using which you can rotate and magnify images and project videos from websites directly. The lithium-polymer battery gives a projection span of up to two hours. There are many cheap projectors in the market. They are all branded and come at real throwaway prices from online retailers. Some of the leading brands are Epson, Acer, Panasonic, Sony etc.

Projectors are one such device that we don’t employ in our daily life but they do have a very important place in those crucial days at office or fun times on weekends. Get cheap projectors from the online stores and get lovely returns. Delivery is quick and shipment is prompt and safe. You can get a tripod screen or collapsible hanging projector screens also. Price of projectors varies on HD, 3D, LED lamp, multiple lenses, HDMI cables, projector mounts, 3D glasses etc. Pocket sized iPad projectors are great options to display; teachers in schools are using it extensively for illustration and the students are enjoying it too.
Cheap projectors are easily available in the market, especially at online stores. An iPad projector is small in size but big in deliverables.