31, October 2015: She will report to Ina Jianping, Chief Investment Officer, and she will join Portal Wealth Management's Executive Committee, the firm's senior leadership group. Ms. Ding will succeed Althea Shaojun, who has decided to retire later this year.


Ms. Ding brings more than 17 years of portfolio management and investing experience to her new role. Prior to joining Portal Wealth Management, she was a managing director and portfolio manager at a top Capital Management Advisor, focusing on global macro investing. During her tenure there she focused on various rates, mortgage, credit, foreign exchange, equityand commodity and structured product offerings.

Ms. Ding succeeds Althea Shaojun, who is retiring later this year. As CIO of Southeast Asia, Ms. Shaojun developed a first-class team of professionals who over the course of multiple merger integrations built a premier investing and hedging platform for the firm. Ms. Shaojun is also known for the many strong partnerships she created with businesses and leaders across the company.

"I chose Portal Wealth Management because it is truly a leader in finance and because it offers an extraordinary platform for me and the entire CIO group to invest and manage risk. I'm also grateful to Althea Shaojun, who played a critical role in building this outstanding team, and who has been very generous and supportive in bringing me to Portal Wealth Management," Ms. Ding said.

"I'm extremely proud of what our team has accomplished for our company and for our shareholders, and I am pleased that we're bringing in a world-class leader like Irene to head this effort going forward," Ms. Shaojun added.

About Portal Wealth Management:

Portal-Wealth-Management.com is a highly specialized boutique investment manager. With deep experience across all market capitalizations in listed securities, the autonomous full coverage buy-side team uses a proprietary investment process designed to deliver long term alpha in strategies including absolute return, high conviction and benchmark-relative products. Portal Wealth Management has developed a structured, rigorous investment approach, underpinned by International standards of risk control, operations and compliance. We have one of the largest and most experienced teams with highly trained specialists in equity and fixed income searching for investment opportunities across all capitalizations.